Mysponsers - Staying Connected One Day @ a Time: Mysponsers - Staying Connected One Day @ a Time

Photo Contribution

At Mysponsers we like our community to stay connected one day at a time with each other in all types of ways. One way we try to create an maintain a positive connection is by allowing our users to become a part of the site. When we say a part of the site we also mean a part of the administrative side of the site. And we try to accomplish that by allowing our members to submit photos to us that will be selected monthly to become an additional photo to our wonderful landing page.

If you desire to upload a photo and if it is selected, it must fit the complete criteria we require for it to be a part of our landing page's rotation. Your photo, if selected for the month will also have your name appear on it as the contributor, so that our thousands of members can see. These member contributed photos will change month to month.

Photo Criteria:


- Photo must have some kind of reference to recovery and/or the recovery process

­- File size must be between 100KB to 10MB


- File dimensions must be between 1024x768 to 1920x1080


- The contributor must own the photos or have full permission to use and claim




Contribute A Photo

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Only members can contribute photos